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Earn an inflation beating yield


Current AnnualPercentage Yield (APY)
Paris FinTech Award

A cash account you don't
need to think twice about.

Comparable cash deposit options don't beat inflation and often come with strings attached. With a Linus account you can earn 35x the national savings account average, minus the fuss.

Better Than The Best
3.50% APY
2.15% APY
Marcus 1 Year
High-Yield CD
1.83% APY
Cash Reserve
1.67% APY
Vanguard Prime
Money Market
Rates as of January 24th, 2020. Linus APY may change at any time before or after account opening. Rates displayed were obtained from selected institutions' websites and reflect similar products offered as Linus. ‘Vanguard Prime Money Market’ refers to VMMXX on NASDAQ. Inflation Rate from bls.gov.
Inflation Rate 2.30%

The Details

megaphoneNo fees

We don’t take management or advisory fees, so everything you earn stays in your pocket. Seriously.

megaphoneNo term limits

Unlike traditional CDs, we don't require you to lock up your funds to earn our stated rate.

megaphoneNo minimum balance requirements

Open an account and maintain any balance.

megaphoneUnlimited free withdrawals

It’s your money. Withdraw as many times as you want.

megaphoneEasy setup and 24/7 account access

Onboard in minutes. Keep track of your balance anytime.

megaphoneDomestic support team

Our team is available seven days a week. We know our product better than anyone else, so it only makes sense that we’re the ones the help you.

Your cash today. More wealth tomorrow.

With Linus, you could...

  • light bulbStart a rainy day fund.
  • light bulbPrepare for a life event, like a down
    payment on a home or a wedding.
  • light bulbSave before you're ready to invest.

The choice is yours.
We'll help get you there.

How It Works

Linus leverages emerging financial markets built on amazing new technologies.

Your Account

Deposit your cash and watch your balance grow using Linus. All you need is a username and password.

Programmable Money

Your deposit is converted into programmable, digital assets backed by the US Dollar which accrue in value over time.


Assets are secured by thousands of participants across the globe on a shared, distributed ledger worth billions of US Dollars.

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Get more answers and information in our FAQs.

cloudDo you have a mobile app?

Not yet. You can access your account using your mobile device web browser.

cloudIs my rate subject to change?

Yes. Our rates are set monthly.

cloudHow do I access my Linus account?

If you've been invited to Linus Private Beta, you can log in here.

Haven't received an invite? Create an account here. We'll let you know when you’re ready to onboard.

cloudWhere is Linus available?

Currently, Linus supports users residing in the United States.

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