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"Switching to Linus has been pain-free and only positive. My portfolio is earning 2x as much as my high yield savings account."

Landon B.

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"I've been in financial services most of my professional career. Linus is the simplest way to earn interest I've ever seen."

Damien H.

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"I feel better knowing my money is working harder for me than in a regular savings account. Thanks Linus!"

Wallis H.

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"I'm currently earning 3.5% APY on my deposit with @getlinus. Go to getlinus.io to #getLinus today"

Josh R.

What is Linus?

Linus is not a savings account, a mutual fund, or a robo-advisor. Linus is a
new alternative to traditional cash deposit accounts.

Generate Greater Returns

+3.50% APY

Than comparable cash deposit accounts.

Access Your Money Anytime

No Withdraw Restrictions

It's easy, and there are no fees to do so.

Rest Assured

Principal Not At Risk

Unlike equities and other speculative assets.

A new opportunity to earn interest that you’ll actually notice.

Debit Card

Deposit in minutes using your debit card.

Deposit in minutes using your bank account.

Bank account

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earn more.

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4.00% APY

Start Here

Our industry-leading rate, available to everyone who signs up.

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4.25% APY

Unlock at $2,500

Our middle-tier rate, available to those on their way to strong savings.

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4.50% APY

Unlock at $10,000

Our top-tier rate, available to seasoned savers with a well-built nest egg.

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A cash account you don't
need to think twice about.

Wondering where to invest your money? Online savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and money market accounts can't touch our high yield interest rate. They also come with strings attached.

With a Linus account you can earn 64x the national savings account rate, minus the fuss.

Better Than The Best
4.50% APY
0.85% APY
Marcus 1 Year
High-Yield CD
0.80% APY
Ally Bank
Online Savings
0.01% APY
Vanguard Prime
Money Market
Rates as of September 15th, 2020. Linus APY may change at any time before or after account opening. Rates displayed were obtained from selected institutions' websites and reflect similar products offered as Linus. ‘Vanguard Prime Money Market’ refers to VMMXX on NASDAQ. Inflation Rate from bls.gov.
Inflation Rate 1.50% APY

Wondering where your APY comes from?

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Linus connects you to borrowers in digital asset credit markets, where demand for your cash is greater than with your bank.

Linus makes this process simple. All you need to manage is your email and password.

How It Works

Smarter Choices Make Happier Wallets

See the impact of Linus on your savings.

With Linus (4.00% APY)
Traditional High Yield (1.00% APY)
More over 30 years! celebration_icon

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The Details

megaphoneNo hidden fees

We don’t take management or advisory fees, so the high yield interest you earn stays in your pocket. Seriously.

megaphoneNo term limits

Life comes at you fast. Unlike traditional CDs, you have access to your funds in an emergency -- exactly when you need it.

megaphoneNo minimum balance requirements

Open an account and maintain any balance with no fees. Get started earning a high yield interest rate with as little as $1.00.

megaphoneUnlimited free withdrawals

Kick that old savings account to the curb and withdraw as many times as you need. No restrictions.

megaphoneProtected and insured

Funds are protected against borrower default using collateralized assets -- 150% of the value on average -- which are insured from theft, loss, and hacks by our third-party custody provider.

megaphoneDomestic support team

Our team is available seven days a week to answer your questions. Try getting a bank to do that.

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Get more answers and information in our FAQs.

cloudDo you have a mobile app?

Not yet. Deposit funds using your bank account and access your Linus account details, all on your mobile device's web browser.

cloudIs my rate subject to change?

Yes, our high yield interest rates change from time to time. In the event that they do, we will always let you know ahead of time.

cloudHow are my funds protected?

We believe in transparency, so we want you to know up front that funds on Linus are not insured by the FDIC or SIPC. However, funds are protected by underlying collateral assets which are insured with our third-party custodian from hacks, theft, and loss.

cloudWhere is Linus available?

Currently, Linus supports users residing in the United States.