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Works like a savings account, but you get 64x more.

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“Linus is like a supercharged high yield savings account”

Justin, Linus user since May 2020

How we do it

Linus connects your funds to borrowers in digital asset credit markets, where demand for your cash is greater than with your bank.

Linus makes this process simple. All you need to get started is your email!

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Trustpilot Review

Quotation Marks

It was easy to apply, easy to connect my bank account, and easy to transfer money.

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AmberTrustpilot Review
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In one month I have been making small deposits and already have $3 in interest.

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DanielleTrustpilot Review
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They are eager to answer any and all questions you might have in an extremely quick manner.

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JeremyTrustpilot Review


Is Linus a bank?

No, and this is our greatest advantage. We are a startup that’s nimble, lightweight and unabated in our dedication to our customers. Discover more about Linus.

How are funds protected?

Funds are not FDIC insured. Funds are backed by digital asset collateral, which is insured by third party insurance against hacks, theft, and loss of funds. Learn more here.

How is such a high rate possible?

Linus helps you reach borrowers in digital asset credit markets, which can be difficult to reach. Some of these yields you can reach on your own, others you cannot. Either way, we make it easy for you. Check out how it works.

Is my rate subject to change?

Yes, rates do change from time to time. We’ll always let you know ahead of time. So far, they’ve only gone up!

How do I earn 4.5% APY?

You earn 4% right off the bat, 4.25% is unlocked if you deposit more than $2,500 and 4.5% if you deposit $10,000. Read more here.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet! Today, you can use Linus on your mobile device through a web browser. Access Linus easily on your phone by creating a shortcut for your home screen.

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